The Best Mario Kart Cosplay in The History of Time [Video]

A group of cosplayers in Tokyo Japan pulled off the best cosplay in the universe when they cosplayed a Mario Kart race. At the risk of sounding completely idiotic, I’ll get the Tokyo Drift reference out-of-the-way.

Dang, they put Tokyo Drift to shame.

Ok, that was lame.

But what’s not lame is Koopa, Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and the rest of the crew ripping up the streets on go karts. It’s the best cosplay idea in the history of mankind.

 Tokyoshi Drift.

Come on, that was a magical reference. *Drops mic, walks off stage*

The best part about all of this event, they actually threw Koopa shells, banana peels, and stars at pedestrians. People love getting stuff thrown at them.

Great idea, energy, and it’s all in good fun. We would love to see some stuff like this in the US.


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