The Best Silver Surfer Cosplay In The Universe

So, this happened. Cris Alex, an LA-based makeup artist with an affinity for the nerdy, just won the internet when she created a Silver Surfer cosplay straight from the comic book. Literally.

The inspiration for this shoot was Silver Surfer Vol. 3 Issue 20, a cover created by Ron Lim, the long-time Marvel artist that’s best known for his work on the SS franchise.

On how this whole thing actually came to be, we pinched Cris’s breakdown from her website. Simple in description, brilliant in result.

“Makeup created using PPI Skin Illustrator. Board and rock created with foam core and acrylic paints. Photographed with strong light to flatten the appearance of the body paint.”

Alex is no stranger to the nerdy, especially in film. She has worked on makeup projects for Tron: Legacy, Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men Days of Future Past, Sleepy Hollow (the TV series) and Excision.

This is by far the best body paint cosplay ever created and quite possibly the best cosplay of 2014.

Brimming with talent, Alex is destined for more magic in the special FX realm. We’re looking forward to seeing more of her nerdy projects.

For more amazeballs from Cris Alex, visit her on Facebook.

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