The Gallery of Graziano

Crystal Graziano is by far one of the most talented classical artists we’ve seen at Glomp Magazine. With her focus on portraits and figures, she’s crafted stellar pieces that could easily be hanging in anyone’s living room as of now.  Classic strokes and shading within her paintings and sketches captivate and inspire, displaying haunting depth while telling a story through each work.

Her recent portrait of Leliana from Dragon Age is a critical masterpiece, showcasing an immaculate amalgamation of feminine softness mixed with the strength of a lion. It’s all in her eyes, piercing the canvas. Graziano also whimsically crafts delicate strands of red hair cascading beside her neck. It’s all magical in the most wonderful way.

Graziano is currently enrolled in art school, and we can see why. Hopefully, she’s choosing a career in the art industry after she graduates, as she has immense potential.

While she’s inherently talented, we’re excited to see her works as she progresses as an artist through her schooling.

For more of Graziano’s work, visit her on IG


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