The Surreal Life of Pix

Pix, an 18-year-old artist and cosplayer, shares her gallery of artworks with Glomp magazine, and we’re pretty glad she did. Her work, which plays in the realm of surrealism, touches on various societary issues that include image pressure, sexual orientation, and the brainwashing of our culture.

She also creates a haunting piece, depicting two infant cribs sitting next to a grandfather clock, in a graveyard. It delivers the simply morose message that time is always moving forward our ultimate demise. Very Stephen King in its thought process and execution, as he said in an interview about his birthday, “I’m one step closer to the worms”.

Pix’s styling is aggressive and visceral, with sharp brush strokes and very vivid colors and imagery. She also incorporates poetry into some of her paintings, adding another level of depth and reflection to an already robust work of interpretation.

Visit Pix on her Facebook page for more updates on her art and costuming.


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