Twelve Q with Byndo Gehk

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”The Basics on Byndo” image=””]Name: The Party King
Cosplay Name: Byndo Gehk
How Long Have You Been Cosplaying? About 6 years
Favorite Cosplay you’ve done: Jecht and Totodile
Social Media Links
Specialty: Gijinkas, genderbends[/stextbox]

byndo gehk IIWe have to ask, what does Byndo Gehk mean?
Haha, Byndo Gehk actually means ‘Party King’ So when someone calls me Byndo, they’re saying Party, or Miss Gehk means Miss King!

We also need to dissect your URL, Gender Bynder, what was the motivation and thought process behind the name selection?
Genderbynder arrived through ‘Byndo’ and ‘bender’, as in gender bender. I reference gender bending because many of my cosplays are actually as such of various characters.

So it basically means the gender bending party!

Some genderbends I’ve created in the past to come to this name are Jecht – FFX, Booker Dewitt – Bioshock Infinite, Jesse Pinkman – Breaking Bad, and Toothless – HTTYD2 which doubles as a gijinka.

How many cosplays have you done since you started?
OH LORD. Lets see. Somewhere between 25-30 just off the top of my head. The range of skill changes from cosplay to cosplay, anywhere from full sets of armor for League of Legends to something as simple as regular clothes in Gravity Falls.

We noticed that you went to NYCC, how does this con compare to the others, and what’s the largest con you’ve ever been to?
NYCC was intense! Definitely the biggest con I’ve ever attended aside from perhaps Dragoncon! Everything it offered was amazing, from the panels to the dealers and then back to the guests that could be Q&A’d during sessions. Definitely a big shock compared to many of the cons I’ve attended in the past but it was so much fun and the people were amazing to meet. I had a great time with KO Cosplay during the weekend, cosplaying with her and attending after parties to have fun and mingle with everyone! Definitely looking forward to next year now that I can prepare myself accordingly.

Do you only go to cons if you’re booked?
I feel like there’s this misconception that cosplayers now only go to cons if they are invited as guests, but this isn’t true. I’ve never attended a convention as a guest and I still go all the same just like everyone else. If a convention reached out to me and would like to book me then I’d be more than happy to work with them to do so, but until then I will stick to my regularly scheduled conventions.

Who’s one cosplayer that you would like to collaborate with?
Probably Elffi Cosplay or Jessica LG, they’re both quite kind and very humorous. And of course talented. I take a lot of inspiration from both of them for their amazing personalities.

If cosplay could pay all the bills, would you do it full-time, or would that take the fun out of it?
I believe if you love something enough, you never have to feel like it’s a chore or a job you are forced to do. I’m sure I’d enjoy being able to make cosplays for myself or help others as a means of supporting myself, but doing so day in and day out may grow weary. I’m sure I’d branch out and find other related avenues to keep a variety of tasks on my plate if I chose to let it be my soul supporting job.

What have you learned about yourself since your first build?
I learned that google is my best friend with learning techniques. When my first couple of projects were aided by friends I still had to look into other pieces and bits on my own, with literally no clue how to do anything. So my google gods smiled upon me and opened up a whole new world of tutorials and youtube videos.

What’s your take on the sexual nature of cosplay and are people pushing the limits?
Everyone expresses themselves in different ways. Everyone shows their love for things in different manners as well. If you’re choosing to spend your time, money, and energy into cherishing something with your creative spirit then I think you’re on a great track.

I’ve created some feminine versions of my own cosplays as well! Re-creating outfits in an interesting way perhaps even in a sexier fashion is all part of the creative process. Not everyone has a high skill level when it comes to finding that happy medium of sexy-outfit and honed-craftsmanship, so simpler crop tops and mini skirt variations of cosplays are seen quite often as a result.

However, I feel that while one continues to cosplay that their craft should also improve, and thus the creative outlet should become more unique in its sexual appeal.

Now, that aside..
If people are just trying to randomly pervert people in cosplay simply for the fact that they are wearing an outfit then they should probably be kept inside unless accompanied by a supervisor.

In your opinion, are there women that don’t respect the art form of cosplay that just try to develop a fan base fromByndo gehk (7) pictures?
If there are, that sounds like a really dead-end goal. What is the point if you aren’t actually spending your time creating or sporting something you love? You’d receive more anger than positivity over time, I’d imagine.

What’s your opinion of social media fame? Is it a false sense of security?
What even is that? Can I eat it? Can I write it off on my taxes? Will it give me +1 life? I’d like to reference Whose Line Is It Anyway: Facebook likes! Where the misconceptions are high and the likes don’t matter. I am incredibly grateful for all of the amazing support I’ve received, that’s not what I’m getting at of course. But it’s still just a number, it doesn’t stack up and make anyone better or more important than anyone else by sitting atop a mountain of blue thumbs up icons.

Which superhero would you go on a date with?
Loki. Sssshh. He’s a super hero. Totally. Definitely. Without a doubt. Absolutely. Indeed. MAKE IT SO.

Byndo gehk (2)A misconception about cosplay that you would like to put to rest?
I…I think I already covered a lot of it, actually! Hmm. I like nachos.

There you have it folks. She likes nachos. Thanks for spending some time with us Byndo! She’s a true live wire with an electric personality. We’re assuming she’ll be involved in some kind of super-weird cosplay flash mob at some point and time.

Photography provided by Jwai Design Photography,Dinosaur Photography, M9 Cosplay,Mikey Mongaol Photography, Sweet Sensation Photography, and M1 Photography.


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