Weekend News Recap: DC Announces Solo Batman Film, Spider-Man Receives A Homecoming and More!

So much news came out this past week. In this Weekend News Recap, we talk DC’s solo Batman film, Spider-Man’s “Homecoming”, Doctor Strange trailer and more! Here’s the biggest news stories from April 11-17.


Solo Batman Film Announced

Last week at CinemaCon Las vegas, there was a lot of film news (as you would expect) and one huge announcement was that of a solo Batman film. Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara confirmed that the studio is currently developing a standalone Batman film. According to some news sites, Ben Affleck will not only reprise his role as the caped crusader but he will also direct the film. There is no word on a release date as of yet.



Spider-Man Film Gets an Official Title

On the Marvel side of CinemaCon Las Vegas, Marvel and Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man film received an official title, Spider-Man Homecoming. The title comes from the comic book storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #252. In that issue, Spider-Man returns with the symbiote suit, (used for the first time in an Amazing Spider-Man comic) and all the citizens have wondered where all the superheroes have gone. It’s not sure how it will tie into the rest of the films but if they go the same route as the comic, then you can almost bet that all the heroes in the MCU have went into hiding or have gone missing. The studio is currently in talks with Michael Keaton playing a villain, opposite of Tom Holland, who will play Peter Parker.



MIB 23 is Actually Happening and Received a Logo

After many rumors of a Men in Black and 21 Jumpstreet crossover coming from Sony, the film is real (oddly enough) and has received a logo and title. MIB23 will see the two worlds mashup in a weird way. The team of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will go from undercover students to hunting aliens. How does that even happen? Who knows? But it’s going to happen and will come to us in the near future. It’s said that the original MIB team of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, will not be involved in the project.



First Trailer for Doctor Strange Released

Marvel has dropped the first trailer for the upcoming Doctor Strange. To me, it looks like a crazy Inception sequel, but you be the judge.



Thor: Ragnarok Adds Tessa Thompson to the Cast

The very beautiful Tessa Thompson (Creed) has been cast in the next installment of Thor, Thor: Ragnarok. Thompson will play Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) new love interest. Not much more is known about Thompson’s character but it has been said that she will also be a superhero herself, and will appear in more than just this one MCU film. The film is set for the release date of Nov. 3, 2017.



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