Wild West Batman

Cosplayer: Hybrid

Cosplay: An original creation of a Wild West version of Gotham City’s favorite crime-fighting billionaire, Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, aka the Dark Knight.

We love seeing original creations that keep some sense of relativity to the character’s ethos. This rendition of WW Batman goes into intricate details, especially when you take a peek at the weaponry. Hybrid’s gun, a conventional six-shooter, has a pretty sweet bat insignia affixed to the hammer.

Also, the subtle tailoring cues and detail pieces within the costume make for an overall visual circus of fun. At first glance, we thought it was a new video game concept or movie, but as we looked deeper, it was just a guy doing a brilliant cosplay. Bravo, lad.

And of course, where there’s Batman, Robin is not far behind. Cosplayed by the second half of Hybrid, Yami.

Make sure to keep up with Hybrid on his Facebook page, as linked in the text above.

Photo Credits: Mineralblu

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