Zadra’s Nova Terra

Zadra, a New York-based cosplayer with an affinity for video games, hula hoops, and wine, just torched a build for November Annabella Terra (Nova Terra), the telepathic from the land of Tarsonis, by way of the hit gaming series, Starcraft.

Zadra skillfully executes this cosplay by using primarily EVA foam, which proved to be challenging because of the nature of  Nova Terra’s costume. We pinched Zadra’s explanation of working with EVA from her page.

Since I was using EVA foam as a base, it proved very difficult to build Nova’s tight form-fitting body armor with such a thick material. It took lots of patience, hours of planning, and lots of heat molding. I also built the sniper rifle using EVA foam.

Every part of the armor was aged and battle-tested to perfection, giving an extremely authentic look and feel, and the gun rivals a studio movie prop.

And to top off all of the brilliance in this costume, Zadra added a little something special to her ghost visor.

“My favorite part of the costume is the Ghost visor. I built it around a pair of headphones, which I left fully functional so I could listen to music. I installed an iPod holder into the back of my armor specifically for this neat little perk. So if you see me silently rocking out in the middle of a convention hall, you’ll know why!”

This rendition of Nova Terra is by far one of the top 3 created to this point. We’re excited to see what other projects Zadra dreams up. To keep up with her adventures, visit her on Facebook.

Photo Credits: Rudi B, Knightmare 6, Twin Hearts Ink

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