Bernadette Bentley’s Xena

I think we can all agree Bernadette Bentley is one of the coolest names on the planet. How can you possibly go wrong with Motown and luxury cars? Short answer, you can’t. Double B also couldn’t go wrong with her Xena rendition. Everything, and we mean everything is right about this cosplay.

We’ve deduced that Double B just might push Lucy Lawless out of retirement to reclaim her throne as the reigning warrior princess. But for now, Bentley has a firm grasp on the crown, with no plans on relinquishing it.

Let’s start with the obvious, Bentley is pretty much a clone of Lucy Lawless, minus the 5’10 frame. There’s such an uncanny resemblance, at first glance, and second glance, we thought Double B was Lawless. After some more research, we discovered that there were in fact, two Xena’s walking amongst the earth. Our excitement was palpable. As tribute, we danced in the office for exactly 3 minutes.

Bentley’s costume is a twin to the original, thanks to the brilliant armor crafting of  Todd’s costumes, and inspired corset design courtesy of Castle Corsetry. Every detail is impeccably captured in this beautiful reprise of one of the world’s most popular television characters.

Bentley, a professional actress, and performer has loads of fun bits going on with her career, make sure to check out her Facebook page, and keep up with Glomp, as we’ll be interviewing Double B in the coming months.

Glomp on.

Photo Credits: Eurobeat Kasumi,Edward Ying,Steel Shark, Sergio Leon LauThach Roof , 

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